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How is dad really?

Hello, I'm a new member.  My father lives in a wonderful Care Home, with marvellous Care Assistants who we regard as extended family.  It's not all rosy but everyone will be familiar with the challenges having a loved one in care brings.    Dad's home is part of a large National organisation so making recommendations or suggesting new ideas is extremely difficult. There appears to be a policy to follow for just about everything.  In the 3 months leading up to the outbreak mum and I...

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Tracey Annette

Salford, United Kingdom

Joined this community on Apr 30, 2020

Bio Mother, wife, proud resident of Salford and active community citizen. Preparing for an active retirement after 40 years working in local government. An enjoyable career as a Community Development worker, the last 15 years spent working on the ageing agenda, promoting active ageing, ageing well and age friendly communities. Currently awaiting back surgery for a herniated disk following the stresses and strains of being a carer for my parents.

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