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UK Meeting Centres: Creative in Quarantine

The UK Meeting Centres deliver support for people living with mild-to-moderate dementia and their families, helping them to cope with the transitions that dementia brings. Current guidance on minimising coronavirus transmission has led to UK Dementia Meeting Centres being suspended, with members following social distancing measures. Supersum, in partnership with the Meeting Centres are launching a call for bold new ways of helping their members stay creative and connected during social...

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Tim Senior

Bristol, United Kingdom

Joined this community on Apr 6, 2020

Bio Dr Timothy J. Senior is co-founder and Research Director for supersum. His research asks how traditional responses to a complex world might be opened up to new influences. This means working with different values and methodologies to drive new lines of shared inquiry. It also means collaborating with people from very different fields of work. And that demands a new type of organisation: supersum fills this role. Tim’s research interests span the arts, humanities, and sciences. From work on medieval European urbanism, through contemporary BioArt, dementia friendly communities, to the neural mechanisms of memory replay, there is a lot to be learned from working across different disciplines. He has a publishing track record with over twenty articles, edited-books, working papers, and reports; his work on the design, delivery, and evaluation of innovation programmes has brought him into contact with a number of public and third-sector institutions (inc. AHRC, Wellcome Trust, and The Hunterian Museum); he has expertise in a variety of qualitative/quantitative research approaches.

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