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Banking App cash cards worked for us

Once I had got Lasting Power of Attourney registered for my father's bank accounts, (we were lucky to do it in time before he lost capacity) I was able to put in place a new cash card account that allowed him, and then later his carers, to carry out financial trasnsactions and remain independent for longer. I used a Monzo account (in my name), and provide the card to my father, and later his carers. The account was managed through an App on my phone that allowed me to see transactions in...

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An online community centre to address isolation

One challenge for people living with dementia during the COVID crisis is that they are isolated and disconnected from their usual friends, family and carers. Many people living with dementia also struggle to use modern technologies and devices that the rest of the population are using to connect with each other online at this time. Isolation and loneliness can be mitigated through video calls (realtime person-to-person contact). Video allows a deeper communication with family, friends and...

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Matthew Harrison

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