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Meaningful activities to enjoy when you can't leave home

In a normal week many people with dementia and their partners or family members go to activity groups or cafes, or take part in other leisure activities out and about, where they can take part in meaningful and enjoyable activities. Care homes often have people who come in to do activities such as music sessions or other things that give people something fun to engage in. With coronavirus meaning that people need to stay at home, how can we support people to access activities that they...

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Making connections to people in a similar situation for mutual support

Many of the family members who provide care for someone with dementia that I've met over the years have described a huge benefit from making connections with people in a similar situation to them. To know they're not the only ones in that situation, and to discuss tips and ideas for how to deal with issues that come up. Whether it's one-to-one conversations or small informal groups coming together to offer mutual support. These connections are often made at support groups, dementia cafes...

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