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Concerns about using the cash machine

This challenge is based on experiences we have heard: I’ve found it worrying supporting my dad where his finances are concerned. My dad has always gone into the bank to draw his money out, but since coronavirus struck, my dad is weary of going into places for fear of catching it. So he now uses a cash machine local to him rather than travelling further away to go into a bank. The problem is I know he tends to use the cash machine when he goes out for some food shopping, which is...

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Nana needs you!

This challenge is posted on behalf of Lorraine king: I was just going to propose that we develop an info pack/training portal for young people how to engage their parents/grandparents and meaningfully tackle the spectre of technology, the internet etc. The image I had was just as the parent/grand-parent takes the young one by the hand to school, now it may be the turn of the younger to lead the older into this brave new world of tech. My point is that people can learn, but it takes...

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Disorienting experiences in care homes

My Grandma lives in a care home and has mild-moderate dementia. Because of coronavirus, the staff must all be dressed in full PPE. This means she cannot see their faces and so does not recognise the people around her. Being surrounded by people in such strange outfits must be very scary. Residents are also being confined to her room and only being allowed into the common areas in shifts. This prevents grandma from socialising with her friends, which is what she enjoys most. Although I...

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A change in routine

My mother-in-law has early-onset Alzheimer's. She can find new situations unsettling and so finds comfort in her daily and weekly routines and regular activities, such as swimming. With shops, services and leisure facilities shutting down, she doesn't understand why she can't do the things she normally does. How might we provide structure to people's days when their regular activity is taken away? 

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