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Clocks and remote controls

The most helpful was very simple it was a day date clock.  It was important for my dad to know the day and the date, so he would ask often.  We also made block that counted down to important events.

Question 2 - Are there any problems with current products or technologies that you use?

The remote control became a challenge so we put stickers on the keys he used the most.

edited on Sep 21, 2021 by Natasha Morgan
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Natasha Morgan 10 months ago

Thanks for sharing Erin. That's interesting about the stickers on the remote control. Could you say a little more about what it was that made it challenging to use?

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Jennifer Bute 10 months ago

We see need reassurance of time and place the clock is usually best as digital as it is displayed on the day and date clocks. I had been told there are simple remote controls for TV with very basic controls. but stickers are a good compromise. Alexa of course can put on the right TV program by voice command. and with a screen can display the day and time and do a lot else Mobile phones can be difficult as to which button to press to answer it as the wrong one will delete or cancel the call.

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