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Bed bumpers

We found these invaluable. They make you roll back to the centre of the bed if you get too close to the edge whilst  asleep. They do squash down if you are sitting up on the edge but push your centre of gravity backward so you have to make a positive effort to get up from the bed. If you just fall asleep sitting up you will fall backwards into the bed rather than forward to the floor. There are no hard or rigid parts.

Question 2 - Are there any problems with current products or technologies that you use?

edited on Sep 21, 2021 by Natasha Morgan
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Jennifer Bute 11 months ago

This is an important function to help prevent anyone falling out of bed. We have used swimming foam tubes sometimes called noodles which are put under the fitted bottom sheet and work in exactly the same way and are often not really noticed but work effectively to those on which they were used . The bed bumpers mentioned above are 'taller' so more obvious. and no doubt for larger people more effective

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