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Alarm when someone leaves the house

One thing that a few carers I have talked to want is an alarm that phones them when the person with dementia goes out of the house. It is when the person with dementia lives separately to the carer.

There are various solutions at the moment but all of them have problems. You can buy a tracker which tells you where they are and can be geofenced. The problem is these devices have to be charged every day. There are some watches that perform a similar task but if you read the reviews on places like Amazon, they seem to be very unreliable.

It is possible to get a door alarm that you can set operating times for (so they can go out during the day but not at night), but this does not ring a phone number. It can be linked to a pager, but the pager has to be near.

One or two companies offer alarm solutions which are linked to a call centre. The monthly charge for these services are high. I am not sure there is one that detects location, either.

There is one system that does ring three number continually until someone answers. The problem with this system is that the person with dementia needs wifi.

Summarising, I would like a product that doesn't require constant charging or the internet to work (a SIM card would be okay), rings a carer's phone and detects when someone leaves the house.

Question 2 - Are there any problems with current products or technologies that you use?

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Jennifer Bute 11 months ago

Very sensible suggestion but not sure how realistic everything costs something! I used to be up on these but not at present. One would imagine most would use wifi. There is a camera function Nest for example that uses the telephone line rather than wifi, it does have an annual fee but nothing like the monthly ones. It can send alerts from motion in a particular place.

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Margaret Booth 10 months ago

Anything that has to be charged up frequently is not very practical for people with dementia so that rules out a majority of mobile products. Fixed proximity alarms on doors can be very irritating as the can be set off any time anyone goes near the door.

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