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Reminder pill box

My grandad has mild cognitive impairment and looks after my grandma who lives with mixed dementia. 

Their pill boxes are clearly labelled, portion out the medication they each take everyday and have AM and PM reminders to take relevant pills.

This has been hugely helpful to minimise the need for in-home support, but also serves as a helpful flag for formal and informal carers who can quickly see if a dose has been missed when they check-in.

An improvement might look like a pill box that alerts caregivers when medication hasn't been taken on time - there are some products on the market that do this but they often come with a high monthly subscription that makes them unaffordable.

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Jennifer Bute 11 months ago

I think this a marvellous contraption as it also can be filled by the local pharmacist so plenty of spare 'circles' ready I used one for a long time. I now have Alexa to check on whether `I have taken my medication!

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Peter Middleton 11 months ago

Sadly, this wouldn't work for me as, like many older people I take way to many tablets to fit into the tiny trays (10 am and 6 pm).
If only the individual compartments were bigger.

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Natasha Morgan 11 months ago

Good suggestion Peter, surely it wouldn't be too hard for manufacturers to make larger ones. Let's see if we can make it happen!

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Claire Bagnall-Hunt 11 months ago

The featured 'Medelet Mark 2 Dispenser' does allow up to four timed dispensations a day and each dose can contain up to 18 aspirin sized tablets per compartment. There is a long duration audio buzzer and flashing LED alarm sound continuously until pills are dispensed (for up to 30 mins). Alarms are cancelled by tipping Medelet to dispense the pills. Hope this information helps.

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Claire Bagnall-Hunt 10 months ago

Now available in the shop:

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