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Account Angel Alerts

With ‘Account Angel Alerts’ you can choose to receive alerts about unusual activity on a bank account that appears out of character and different from usual outgoings. Banks have software that they can use to spot patterns or anything of concern on an account.

  • Anyone can request these alerts on their account.
  • You can be notified about repeat purchases that you have made that may be of concern.
  • You can be informed of unusual cash withdrawals from your account.
  • You can choose to receive alerts for your account or an account you have access to, such as a family member/someone you care for.
  • You can choose a nominated person to receive alerts for your account.
  •  Alerts can be text messages or calls.

This would help you spot unusual activity on your bank account or an account you have agreed access to and will help you identify spending which you may have forgotten about or lost track of. It could also alert you if you become a victim of financial abuse, so that you can address it quickly.

Feedback questions:

1)      What do you like about this idea?

2)      Is there anything you would like more information about?

3)      Do you have any concerns about this?

4)      Is there anything missing from this service that might make it more useful?

5)      If you or someone you support were to use this service, how would you want to receive alerts?

6)      Is it enough for a bank to send out alerts for unusual financial behaviour or would you want more action e.g. blocking the card or refusing specific transactions?

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Margaret Booth Feb 8, 2021

It would be useful to be able to delay transactions over a certain limit or payments to new payees for a period of time to allow a response to be made to alerts.

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Jennifer Bute Feb 8, 2021

we already have this my bank will delay payments or check with me first anyway if they think it 'unusual' for me and they also have permission to alert my son who has Power of Attorney if I spend 'too much'!

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Fiona Mccrea Feb 8, 2021

I like this idea very much and including a relative or carer so they could step in if need be is a good idea especially if the person becomes too bad to use a mobile phone.

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Rosemary Phillips Feb 9, 2021

I think this would have been fantastic for my father with mild dementia. If the alerts came to me, then this would have given him the reassurance that if all went wrong (eg his card was stolen or lost, and he hadn't realised) then it would be speedily sorted out. Thus it would have enabled him to maintain his independence and carry on as usual, and with greater confidence.
I would fully support its development.

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Ruth Mair Feb 10, 2021

I like this idea particularly involving a carer/POA/family member to receive the alerts. There could also be an upper limit for transactions so that early warning is given for any irregular/unexpected spending.

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Alice Billin Feb 12, 2021

I think this is a good idea but what is 'unusual'? How does this differ from when you get contacted because they think someone has hacked your account? I think it's about noticing small unusual things like frequent visits to ATM or visiting same shop 5 times in 3 days for example,

What happens after these alerts? Is there a way to tell the bank that it is/isn't unusual? Can it link into dementia phone line again?

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Peter Middleton Feb 12, 2021

My credit card company (Capital One) has done this for years. It is a most useful function but I'm not sure how "innovative" it is.

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Trevor Salomon Feb 13, 2021

I think these alerts can't just go to someone living with dementia. They have to be sent to the person's nominated Attorney or individual registered against the account

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jayne Sibley Feb 16, 2021

I think this functionality and the functionality of the Interactive Bank Statements is great and much needed, they could be combined Are both these ideas, additional apps someone would need to download onto their phone and link their accounts to? If so does this create barrier, how will users know they can trust it?

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Sophie Lipton Feb 18, 2021

This seems like a good idea, if it is real time rather than retrospective. Could we take this a step further and block duplicated payments before they are made? I also think if it was tied in with the idea of a dementia support line it would be a complimented service. My concern here is that people may think the alert is a scam (or it could be easily replicated as a scam)

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