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My Money Meeting

My Money Meeting gives you the opportunity to meet regularly with a customer service advisor who is specially trained to understand the challenges that someone living with dementia may have managing their finances.

This service includes:

  • The option to choose how often the meetings take place
  • A choice about where the meeting is held, if it is face to face in-branch or remote via video calling.
  • Opportunity to discuss any changes to your health and or financial circumstances
  • Opportunity to discuss your banking needs and any concerns you may have
  • A helpful look over your recent spending and outgoings
  • Suggestions for better ways to manage your payments/outgoings
  • Option to signpost to/refer to additional health and social care support as and when may be needed

Notes from this meeting would be kept on file so you don’t need to repeat your story every time.

Feedback questions:

1)      What do you like about this idea?

2)      Is there anything you would like more information about?

3)      Do you have any concerns about this?

4)      Is this something you or someone you know would find helpful? Why?

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Jennifer Bute Feb 8, 2021

I like this idea I used to have someone at the bank I could email phone or whatever directly but with the cut backs it has been stopped as someone has to finance
these services

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Fiona Mccrea Feb 8, 2021

This would be a good idea in the earlier stages of dementia but not to confuse them with the other suggestion of having a dedicated person to ring and speak to

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Natasha Morgan Feb 10, 2021

Good point. Perhaps we could merge these two solutions

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Rosemary Phillips Feb 9, 2021

My gut feeling is that the 'dementia support line' option when someone can make contact at the time they need it might be a more useful option than this regular meeting.
However, this could be particularly useful for someone with mild dementia if they do not have a family member able to assist them.

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Ruth Mair Feb 11, 2021

This is a good idea but I think it is the type of meeting that should take place any time a customer requests it rather than a regular event. People with dementia often tend to have worries that they need resolving almost immediately or they may become agitated. The bank could sent an alert to remind them of the meeting. This is currently something that banks etc can do.
These meetings could be arranged by a phone call to the dedicated helpline.

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