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Bank identification procedures

by R Mair | 4 months ago | in Banking and dementia

I help with my mother's finances and have Power of Attorney (POA) but as part of the identification procedure on telephone banking am asked questions about transactions on the account which I may not know about at that point. My mum has no chance at getting this right. You only get one chance to answer so sometimes I fail security & the call ends and I have another long wait to get through to the bank again. This seems to be a practice which many banks operate. 

Can we have a better identification system. After all if a bank statement fell into the wrong hands the fraudster then has transaction information. 

edited on Nov 23, 2020 by Natasha Morgan
R Mair

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Jennifer Bute 4 months ago

I have a voice identification recognition system as I forget everything else!


R Mair 4 months ago

Great when it works!! At my mother's bank they managed to tie my voice to her customer number and they can't seem to fix it :(
Glad it works for you Dr Bute.
By the way I love your books and website which are a tremendous support for people living with dementia :)


Jennifer Bute 4 months ago

Thank you! Sorry about your voice mix up though! Technology is brilliant when it works!