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Visits to Bank

by Celia Imogen | Nov 17, 2020 | in Banking and dementia

people with dementia report they usually use banking services by visiting in person. Obviously this is very difficult in lockdown and during tier restrictions. They report they value the help and support of staff. Many of these people are high risk category and could a time slot be allocated so they can visit as priority customers. Also, not first thing in morning as it too early with carer visits etc.

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Anne Clark Nov 19, 2020

In rural areas, this problem is compounded as the only bank is the mobile facility, often only in that village for a half-hour, once a week.

Organising your life for this one half-hour opportunity can be incredibly stressful if you have difficulties with your memory. If you get there on time, you stand in the cold & rain with everyone else, waiting to reach the top of the queue before the half-hour slot is reached. Then the mobile bank leaves without having seen all the customers. "Another task I failed to complete! ", as one woman described it.

If you have a care worker calling at that same time, you can't do your banking. I spoke with someone this week who hasn't been able to visit his bank in months because of this. Pre-lockdown, he didn't need care workers.


Jennifer Bute Nov 22, 2020

I have always found that if I go with someone and show my laminated explanatory card with photo ID I am taken to a side room and dealt with as a priority