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Concerns about using the cash machine

by Natasha Morgan | Nov 16, 2020 | in Banking and dementia

This challenge is based on experiences we have heard:

I’ve found it worrying supporting my dad where his finances are concerned. My dad has always gone into the bank to draw his money out, but since coronavirus struck, my dad is weary of going into places for fear of catching it. So he now uses a cash machine local to him rather than travelling further away to go into a bank. The problem is I know he tends to use the cash machine when he goes out for some food shopping, which is usually on the same day each week.

I worry that he’s vulnerable and someone could be following him and try to steal from him. I know he has his pin code written down on him too, as he sometimes forgets a digit or two now his dementia is progressing. If anyone was to find this on him with his bank card they would be able to empty his account, which would leave him fearful of ever going out again and also devastated. My dad is old fashioned though, likes to actually see his money and put some in his wallet to pay for things at his local newsagents.

I’m not sure if there’s anything you could do to help with this, but it worries me and I’m sure others must be in a similar situation with their loved ones.

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Margaret Booth Nov 16, 2020

You can get prepaid cash cards but they can be expensive as they are generally used by people with a poor or non existent credit score. The banks could address these disadvantages if they chose to.


angela baldock Nov 17, 2020

Could there be a smaller limit on some cards so that people living with dementia ( and others) could choose to limit the amount that can be withdrawn from a machine using their cards, so they are not at so much risk in these circumstances.