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Elderly blind person answering phone

I have a friend, 94 years old, completely blind, mild dementia, living in a care home. No visitors are allowed, due to covid, so the phone in her room is her main source of contact with family and friends - but she finds it hard to locate and answer the phone. The phone is always in the same place, by her bed, but she forgets. Might there be a solution similar to Kraydel but not working through a tv as she cannot see!

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Lesley Heath Dec 4, 2020

This would suggest that her hearing is also affected as she can't locate the sound? So maybe a voice activated device to answer the phone?

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SueF Dec 4, 2020

Unfortunately she refuses to wear her hearing aids! I think there is also some dementia present and I am not sure she would be able to learn to use a voice-activated device - but thank you for the suggestion!

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Lesley Heath Dec 5, 2020

Hi SueF, the simplest thing would be to let the care home know what time you will be calling so that they can support her? Might work for the interim?

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