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App for Alzheimers dementia

Can we have an app that;

1.sits in patients waiting rooms for family members to fill in about behaviours for a person so it helps us to build a picture of where a person is on their journey and assist GP as to whether BPSD needs medical input. 

2. is available on a phone so that family members can self troubleshoot by answering questions on a probability chart so they know what they need to ask for. Sometimes family members feel overwhelmed and they struggle to ask for what they need so that needs unpicking which takes up time for health care professionals. People who deal with risks e.g. social workers have a different scale of what is high risk compared to what a family members deems as a risk. Being emotive doesn't enable people to stand back to troubleshoot for family members.

edited on May 14, 2020 by Gwen Oates
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Jennifer Bute Jun 2, 2020

A difficult one as everyone is so very different and everyones journey can be very different .... 2 completely different suggestions here The second is more possible There is already a great deal out there already but as always it is accessing the information that so many find so difficult and confusing

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Margaret Booth Jun 13, 2020

Yes I agree with Jennifer the second suggestion is the one that will inform the first. Dementia is extremely variable and we always have to be aware that individuals will have different presentations but that shouldn’t continue to prevent us from trying to classify needs holistically. We do need better integration of the health, social care and family/voluntary services input.

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Jennifer Bute Jul 14, 2020

Been stuck recently again that so called BPSD are really responses to difficult situations Canadians calls it 'responsive ' behaviour the 'symptoms' are a response to a challenging situation not the dementia. Just as people fighting over toilet paper for eg was a symptom of a 'situation' and not of the actual Covid -19!

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Lesley Heath Dec 4, 2020

as the last waiting room that I sat in had a specialist 'dementia' display board where everything was at least 3 months out of date (e.g. carers support group, local entertainment , I don't feel that much notice is being taken in GP surgeries (before or during Covid). Even the greeting is ridiculous...'how are you since I last saw you?' is of little sense to a person with dementia. Ergo, side-step the GP surgery idea. A little pinning and tucking on the second idea may be more productive? Maybe a list of voluntary advocates to contact for help to find the middle ground?

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