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Nana needs you!

This challenge is posted on behalf of Lorraine king:

I was just going to propose that we develop an info pack/training portal for young people how to engage their parents/grandparents and meaningfully tackle the spectre of technology, the internet etc.

The image I had was just as the parent/grand-parent takes the young one by the hand to school, now it may be the turn of the younger to lead the older into this brave new world of tech. My point is that people can learn, but it takes patience, persistence and practice, to work with an older person until they simply ‘get it’ and then the light is on, they do remember and they can learn. Younger people may not realise that these things can be taught, the nature of dementia etc. So it would involve a campaign to call younger ones into the fight against dementia. A bit like Kitcheners famous poster YOUR COUNTRY NEEDS YOU… now Nana Needs YOU!.

I’ve seen the delight when someone consistently comes back into the zoom space after some coaching, the smiles, the confidence growing. These things can be done, especially with the inevitable move towards online community rooms to combat loneliness and isolation, but we need an army of youngsters prepared to take their older loved ones back to school and returning the love they lavished on us.


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Chris Maddocks May 6, 2020

The below link contains a guide to using and installing zoom and some videos showing the same, really helpful

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Jennifer Bute Jun 2, 2020

Excellent idea even the very young could feel they were really contributing. My grandchildren FaceTimed me by themselves when they were 2 !

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