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Managing a crisis without acute hopsital admission

Not infrequently people with dementia are admitted to hospital due to a crisis of care breakdown.  We need to urgently look at an alternative to this, as currently this increases risk of COVID exposure, and risk of mortality. 

Emma Vardy

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Margaret Booth 6 months ago

You are right of course but Jo Rice in another post indicates that exactly the opposite is happening and dementia services are being redirected. In normal times a carer bank operating in the same way as a nurse bank and controlled either by the health authority or local authority might work but in these times nothing remains stable for long enough to get organised nor will it until we can do mass antibody testing.

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Natasha Morgan 6 months ago

Thank you Emma. Are you able to share some examples of situations which have lead to these admissions please?

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Emma Vardy 6 months ago

Natasha- when person with dementia gradually progressing develops significant agitation/aggression etc that carer simply unable to manage at home any longer. Default has often been hospital admission. Often this is to exclude delirium and any medical cause. But then results in prolonged admission awaiting suitable 24 hr care placement, after appropriate capacity assessment, best interest meetings etc

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Jennifer Bute 6 months ago

I agree hospitals are the last place one would want to be at this time but if there is no other possibility eg there is a fall and a possible fracture Nursing homes or care homes would be better I have heard of 2 recently who have been able to do that as an alternative to hospital. Carers are still going into peoples homes [wearing protective gear if necessary] If agitations is due to the news perhaps there are ways of tuning the TV's so that other programs can be watched in preference eg nature or travel or old familiar films!

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