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Support for people with caring responsibilities who are working

Whilst statutory maternity leave and compassionate leave for childcare responsibilities is readily and frequently recognised by employers no such consideration is given to those of us with Elder Care responsibilities.  

Approximately 70% of all carers are women.  With the Statutory Retirement Age increasing, very significantly for women, in the past few years many of us face the challenge of trying to work whilst also trying to provide support and care for our elderly parents with dementia.  Many of us end up using most, if not all, of our Annual Leave entitlement to accompany our parents with dementia to A&E Departments (frequently!) or Out-Patient appointments and/or to deal with legal, financial or property matters on their behalf.  That is aside from the emotional trauma of watching once outgoing and independent loved ones deteriorate rapidly into a very small world.

Much more needs to be done to make Employers more aware of how they can, in their turn, support their employees and retain their skills. A Statutory Right to Elder Care compassionate leave could be one solution. My employer certainly lacked insight, sympathy or compassion when eventually I had to find a care home for my mum.  That is why the NHS now has one more nursing vacancy - I left.


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Karin W 11 months ago

I totally agree that carers should be allowed to conduct important duties whilst in work. On one occasion, I got a call at work from a concerned neighbour regarding my Mum and went to see what was going on. My employer just said (knowing my situation as a carer), "I hope she doesn't think she is getting paid for that hour and it doesn't happen again in a hurry" - compassionate and caring, I don't think!!

Tim Shakespeare 10 months ago

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Tim Shakespeare 10 months ago

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Tim Shakespeare 10 months ago

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