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The Innovation team and Physical Activity team at Alzheimer’s Society have been working together on an innovation ‘sprint’ to help people with dementia to be active as part of their day to day lives, as early as possible after diagnosis.

After sprinting through the first few stages of this work, we have four co-designed ideas that we would like to get your feedback on. Please take a look below to vote and comment on these ideas (please ignore the banner saying 'submissions now closed'). You have two votes, but you can comment on any of the ideas. When commenting, please do reflect on some of the questions if you can that have been shared within each idea. The activity will close at midday (12pm) on Tuesday 19 April.

Following this activity, we will review all of your feedback and look to decide which idea(s) we will take forward into the next stage of the project.

Click 'more details' if you want to find out more about how we got to this stage.

Thank you so much for your time!



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Mind to Movement

A one-to-one personalised behaviour change service to support inactive people living with dementia to increase their readiness to be active and to find ways to increase their daily activity. How does it work? The service would be provided by a professional trained in behaviour change techniques and motivational interviewing. The initial introductory session (~1 hour) would aim to explore and build readiness and confidence, exchange information, explore concerns, goals and...

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Nudge to Budge – Breaking open the box on physical activity

‘Nudge to Budge’ is about building physical activity messaging, prompts and guidance into communications and appointments along the dementia pathway. The purpose of this is twofold: to encourage health and social care professionals to raise awareness of the importance of physical activity through making use of existing interventions, and to provide simple prompts/cues to people affected by dementia on what they can do every day to be more active, and why it’s important for them. How does...

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Borrow ME AND my doggy

'Borrow Me and My Doggy’ helps to bring purposeful and meaningful physical activity into the lives of people living with dementia, through providing them with two-to-one companionship with pet owners and their pets. How does it work? ‘Borrow Me and My Doggy’ will help increase physical activity levels of people living with dementia, without them necessarily associating it with increased activity. At the same time, it will help to reduce loneliness and increase social connection and...

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Do it Diary

‘Do it Diary’ is a motivational resource to support people living with dementia to be more active, including an activity diary to record progress and an online community to provide peer support. How does it work? The resource would include: Health information on physical activity and dementia. Behaviour change exercises to complete, such as: personal reasons for becoming more active, pros and cons, ways to reduce cons, ways to become more active, identifying and overcoming...

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