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Enter our car park to share thoughts and experiences on how we can help to improve the lives of people affected by dementia.

What is the ‘Innovation Hub car park? This 'car park' is an open invitation to members of the Innovation Hub to share experiences and challenges that people affected by dementia face, and ideas on how to overcome these.

What do we want to understand? We want to understand the detail behind your idea or challenge. Please use the submission form (accessible by clicking 'share your experience below') which will ask questions about the problem or opportunity you see to give us a better understanding.

What do we want to achieve from this? We are hoping that having this space on our Innovation Hub will give us a broad variety of ideas and shine a light on the associated challenges which they are attempting to overcome. Whilst we won't have capacity to work on everything shared, we will store all the ideas and challenges and consider them when we are looking at our upcoming innovation activities.

Please share your views below by clicking 'share your experiences'.

We welcome contributions from people with dementia, those supporting someone with dementia, and professionals.



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