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Banking and dementia - feedback on ideas

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Since starting the sprint project on Banking and Dementia in November, we have read countless documents, spoken to over 25 people with professional or personal experience and held four ideas workshops. Together, we came up with 66 ideas which have now been whittled down to five potential solutions. 

We want to ensure any solution we come up with gets adopted, championed, works well for everyone involved, and improves the lives of those affected by dementia.

Let us know what you think by commenting on the ideas and voting for your favourite. We need your honest feedback, so please don't hold back!

Note that the names are just working titles, so feel free to make suggestions of better ones!

This activity closes on Tuesday 17 February 2021.



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Smart Payment Rings

Not my idea - they already exist, but these ceramic finger rings can be electronically loaded with money through an App, and used to pay at any NFC terminal simply by "fist-bumping" it!  I great bonus for people living with dementia. Impossible to lose and, for carers it allows the monitoring and control of spend.  Please review and advertise these products to make people in the dementia community aware of their existence.

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Your money at your fingertips

With this solution, your fingerprints and face become the keys to your bank account. This would remove the need for you to remember security details such as your PIN and passwords and avoid you getting locked out of your account. How this would work: This would be agreed with you first to ensure you are happy accessing your account this way. You would be issued with a fingerprint reader and/or face scanner to use at home to access your account. This would replace using an existing...

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Interactive Bank Statement

The interactive bank statement is an app which allows you to track your spending by providing clear and meaningful information. It can be configured to show only the information, which you find useful, in an accessible format. You can opt to use any of the following functions: Display information as text, rather than numbers, for example. ‘last Friday, you spent ten pounds in WHSmith.’ Print daily, weekly or monthly statements. Add notes about transactions in real time to show...

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Account Angel Alerts

With ‘Account Angel Alerts’ you can choose to receive alerts about unusual activity on a bank account that appears out of character and different from usual outgoings. Banks have software that they can use to spot patterns or anything of concern on an account. Anyone can request these alerts on their account. You can be notified about repeat purchases that you have made that may be of concern. You can be informed of unusual cash withdrawals from your account. You can choose to...

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Banking With Dementia support line

The Banking With Dementia support line is a dedicated banking phone line, connecting customers with dementia to a pool of customer service advisors with the knowledge and understanding to provide specialist support. It reduces the frustration caused by confusing processes and automated systems.  The service might include: Information about relevant financial products e.g. carers cards Information/signposting around Power of Attorney Guidance on how to use online banking Telephone...

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My Money Meeting

My Money Meeting gives you the opportunity to meet regularly with a customer service advisor who is specially trained to understand the challenges that someone living with dementia may have managing their finances. This service includes: The option to choose how often the meetings take place A choice about where the meeting is held, if it is face to face in-branch or remote via video calling. Opportunity to discuss any changes to your health and or financial circumstances...

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