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Innovation update - July 2021

Posted by Natasha Morgan (Admin) Jul 28, 2021

You may have noticed that the hub has been quite quiet over the last couple of months. This partly because disruption from COVID has meant we haven’t had the opportunity start any new innovation sprints. However, we have been busy behind the scenes working on other bits and bobs. Read on to find out more...

Coming soon: How to co-create with people affected by dementia

Our newest piece of work has been drafting a best-practice guide for co-creating with people affected by dementia. The aim is to deliver a guide which will inspire creative and entrepreneurially minded individuals or organisations to design for and with people living dementia. It has a particular focus on using technology. Over 30 researchers, designers, engineers, and people affected by dementia told us what they would expect to see in a guide, and we are now collaborating with a small group of experts to bring it to life. This includes bringing together the wealth of knowledge and guidance which already exists. We’ve just finished the initial draft and look forward to sharing the final version in due course.

We have also been working closely with our three accelerator partners in various ways to help bring their products to market.

Konnect trial moves to the next stage

Back in May, eight people living with dementia had a Konnect device installed in their homes. They agreed to share their thoughts on how useful they found it and how they think it could be improved and we are currently in the process of reviewing the data of how they were used. The next step of the project is to expand the trial size and build some greater confidence in the feedback we have received so far, to make sure we are reflecting the voices of a range of people affected by dementia. In addition to this, we are beginning to explore whether the device could be more than a communication device and if we could use their user-friendly platform to host a range of content (from exercise to entertainment). It’s early days with regards to that but exciting nonetheless!

HUG and Sibstar to launch this autumn

The HUG team have been gearing up by gathering feedback on the product packaging from people affected by dementia, as well as a leaflet to go alongside it. You can pre-order your HUG on their website.  Sibstar has also been focusing on branding and marketing so they can get the debit card into the wallets of as many people affected by dementia as possible. Anyone who might find it helpful can register now at to be the first to hear when the card launches in September. It costs £4.99 per month and can be paused or cancelled any time.

Determined to make a difference

Finally, we promised to update you on the outcome of the innovation sprint on finance and dementia – a design for a specialist banking support line. We are having ongoing conversations with Santander about setting up a pilot service, however as you might expect, it can be tricky to get things going in such a large organisation. We’re hopeful that work on this will kick-off later in the year.

That’s all for now, but as always you can chat to us about innovation any time by emailing

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