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Welcome to the Alzheimer's Society Innovation Hub

Posted by Simon Lord (Admin) Oct 2, 2019 Posted in Inspiration

Thank you so much for visiting the Alzheimer's Society Innovation Hub!

We know that life with dementia can come with big challenges. We believe innovation can support people to live well with dementia by taking on these challenges.

Through our Innovation Hub you can share with us the challenges you are facing - whether you are living with dementia, taking care of someone or have just seen something you believe could be improved to help people live well with dementia.

By sharing the challenges people living with and affected by dementia face, our team can focus on the big issues and innovate to find solutions that can change lives. 

Don’t have a challenge for us to work on right now? Check out those submitted by other users, vote on the big issues, ask questions and comment. The more people with an experience of dementia we hear from, the better.

We will also continue to keep you updated with the work the Innovation Team is doing and ask for your feedback on solutions we develop to the challenges we take on.

Anyone can join the Innovation Hub so if you know someone who could share their expertise, whether that is experience of dementia or as an innovator who might help us with solutions, please share this link with them: 

Get signed up and start contributing today!

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