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What now, what next?

Posted by Simon Lord (Admin) Sep 17, 2019 Posted in Inspiration

The Alzheimer’s Society Innovation Hub, formerly known as Brainwave, is back in business after our trials of the platform earlier in the year.

With 400+ staff and volunteers already on here we know we are starting from a place of strength and over the next few weeks we’ll be showing you what has happened so far based on your challenges, ideas, comments and votes.

Right now you can catch up on our Hospitals project, the first sprint project the team has taken on based on the submissions of users of the Hub. We’re hugely excited about this project and have thrown ourselves into it in the last couple of months so find out where we’re up to and what is coming next!

In the next few days we will let you know how our Accelerator Progamme partners, Jelly Drops and How Do I? are getting on, so keep an eye out for those posts and follow their progress as they continue to work towards launching their products.

Some of you participated in our Spark Challenge (thank you!) – voting on which of the submissions to the Design Council’s Spark programme should receive Society funding to improve the quality of life for people affected by dementia. We’ll bring you an update from Hemal Dias, inventor of the winning submission, the Smart Spoon, an affordable stabilising spoon for people with a hand tremor, and let you know what how he’s getting on with his invention.

In the coming weeks we will continue to shower you with innovation goodness. We will have updates on our RAFA project, for which you helped us pick the ideas to focus on, and the latest on our GPs project, where we are looking to ensure GPs have the tools required to effectively signpost people at all stages of a dementia journey to effective services. We’ll tell you more about our LGBT+ project, Bring Dementia Out and how it is being taken forward by partner organisations over the next few months. Finally, we’ll focus on the products we have already taken to market, Lift the Lid: a workshop in a box around sex and intimacy in care homes, and the Fidget Widget Toolkit, a series of wooden tools that can help to relax or calm an individual with moderate to advanced dementia.

And most excitingly, on Tuesday 8th October, the Innovation Hub will launch externally, bringing onboard people affected by dementia, innovators, inventors and anyone else that has an interest in steering the work of our team and keeping up to date with the latest around innovation and dementia.

Once we go live externally we will once again be working out what sprint project to take on next. We will be asking you to submit your biggest challenges, and to vote on those of others until we have a winner, which we expect to announce at the end of October and start working on immediately in November.

It’s going to be a busy few weeks so stay tuned, invite others to sign up and from 8th October share the address: as widely as you can in your networks.

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Comments (6)

Tim Shakespeare says... Sep 17, 2019

Bring on 8th October!!

Gregor Henderson-Begg says... Sep 17, 2019

Loved the Smart Spoon, look forward to hearing how the development is going

Michelle Davies says... Sep 18, 2019

Looking forward to 8th October when we launch externally and the general public will be joining us all and posting ideas for what we (the Innovation Team) should work on next! Feel free to get thinking before then in readiness for posting your own challenges or voting for others which you think could really benefit people affected by dementia!

Suzie Snowden says... Sep 19, 2019

Really looking forward to the launch, and seeing all the different projects we will get to vote for! It's nice to be able to have a say in shaping the projects we support #inclusion

Derek Dodd says... Sep 30, 2019

Hi All

This really is exciting and innovative and I am looking forwards to seeing this site in action when it is widely available.

Re the voting system being 'first past the post system'....this system has caused some problems externally recently and I was wondering how prepared you are for feedback if the innovation that actually not viable to support for design or scalability reasons? Thinking spoon v handrail at the moment - if the spoon goes on to win will there be a clear commitment to work on this or will the hand-railers be able to force another vote?    

Simon Lord says... Sep 30, 2019

Hi Derek,

Glad you're excited - so are we!

In the case of voting for which sprint challenges we work on we have a responsibility to use charity money efficiently so we will assess the top voted challenges for feasibility before committing to them. This is why after the different stages of voting we have a 'project selection' period. 

We want to hear from as many people as possible and really believe in an open approach to innovation - however we know we live in a Boaty McBoatface world ( so there may be occasional checks and balances where necessary...


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