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NeuroResponse - Dementia & UTIs - Involvement Opportunity [Guest Post]

Posted by Simon Lord (Admin) Feb 3, 2021 Posted in Partnership

This challenge is posted on behalf of Bernadette Porter @ NeuroResponse

At NeuroResponse we co-designed a new urinary infection care pathway with people and families living with Multiple Sclerosis (MS). Please see our 2-minute video on our website that explains the pathway.

We wonder if this care pathway would be useful for people living with Dementia?

Are you affected by dementia and have you needed to access emergency care for Urine Tract Infection(s)? Would you consider sharing your experiences to help shape and design this pathway? 

People living with Dementia are at risk of getting urinary infections due to a number of reasons including dehydration and abnormal signals to the bladder from the brain. A urinary infection can have an impact on a person’s quality of life and symptoms as it may make the person feel more tired, it may cause confusion or a change in behaviour or develop into something more serious if left untreated.

Of course, not all changes in behaviour or confusion in Dementia is related to a urinary infection but sometimes it is hard to rule it in or out so it can be either missed or treated with antibiotics when not needed.

We have govenrment funds to explore how to improve the care pathway shown in our video we created for patients with MS and offer it to more people including those living with Dementia – what do you think?

We would like 6 people affected by dementia to help us co-design this pathway, We will be looking to host three workshops to explore the pathway together over zoom in Feburary- March 2021.

We are also looking to have one member of the group support us in the role of a Citizen Scientist. A job role has been attached to this blog explaining more about this role and who to contact.

Can you share your thoughts and expreiences to co-desgining this pathway?

Please email Bernadette Poter directly at: to submit your interest in being involved in this project.

For further information about NeuroResponse please visit our

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