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Accelerator Programme - Jelly Drops

Posted by Simon Lord (Admin) Sep 26, 2019 Posted in Accelerator

Alzheimer’s Society is delighted to be partnering with the Jelly Drops team to bring their fantastic product to people living with dementia.

Lewis’ story

Lewis’ grandmother Pat is living with dementia and was sadly hospitalised due to dehydration. Inspired by his grandmother’s love for sweets, Lewis put his innovative skills to the test and developed bright, raindrop shaped sweets known as Jelly Drops. The sweets are made up of 90% water and other electrolytes to make them even more hydrating.

Lewis with his grandmother Pat

Lewis and the Jelly Drops team have worked closely with Pat and other people with dementia to develop their fantastic product. The team were also recently awarded the people’s choice award at Pitch@Palace.  

Bringing Jelly Drops to the people who need them

Alzheimer’s Society is delighted to be supporting Jelly Drops over the next year through our Accelerator programme

Our panel of experts and people affected by dementia worked with the Society to select Accelerator partners who receive £100,000 to continue to develop their product and bring them to the people who need them faster. 

Over the next year Alzheimer’s Society will be working closely with the Jelly Drops team to continue to develop their brilliant product alongside people affected by dementia and bring it to the market.

Jelly Drops Team


Dehydration and dementia

Dehydration is a common issue for older people and especially those with dementia.

Often people living with dementia will forget to drink or will not be interested in drinking. Unfortunately this can lead to confusion and even hospitalisation.

This effect is often exaggerated as the symptoms of dehydration can be confused with the symptoms of dementia. This makes it more difficult to spot dehydration in people living with the condition. 

Can I purchase Jelly Drops today?

At this stage Jelly Drops are not available to buy as they are still in development.

Alzheimer’s Society will be working with the Jelly Drops team to support them to develop their product and make it available as widely as possible to people affected by dementia.


For more on Jelly Drops:

We will keep you update on the Innovation Hub but check out their website, this BBC Breakfast video and their facebook page


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Comments (6)

Natasha Morgan says... Oct 1, 2019

I love Jelly Drops - its such a simple idea that solves a real problem. Can't wait to try one for myself!

Jennifer Bute says... Oct 11, 2019

A wonderful idea  particularly needed for those in their last days when they can't drink form a cup or a straw and their mouths get dry  I think these would be really good!

Jenny Wilson says... Oct 14, 2019

I love the idea, how do you prevent them from being a choke hazard?


Trudi Hartley says... Oct 15, 2019
Fantastic idea! It’s so hard to get my mum to drink. Thank you
Lise Sproson says... Oct 15, 2019

Great idea, it is getting harder and harder to keep Dad hydrated - can we join a trial?


Jiseph Tonge says... Oct 15, 2019
I am a professional carer in the community and see this as a wonderful idea if there is not a choking risk.
Howard Tonge

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